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We’ve Got the Gear for all of Your Lake Drawn Water System Needs

Updated: Sep 20, 2019

Duncan getting into Okanagan Lake to take a look at the intake pipe.

Last week we invested in some scuba diving gear for our second lake job. Duncan is a certified diver and we are capable of installing and servicing lake systems for your home or irrigation system.

This week we were investigating a jet-pump system that wasn’t performing as it should have been. The Jet-pump was located in a shack in the yard with an intake pipe run into a concrete cistern supplied by a 2” fill pipe laying on the lake-bottom.

The customer complained of severe pressure and flow-rate loss after just a couple of minutes of water use. A quick service call was enough to determine that the jet-pump was only delivering 2-3 gallons per minute when it should have been delivering 12-13 gallons per minute. Our initial assessment was that the pump impellers were likely worn due to abrasive sand and debris being sucked through the system from the bottom of the lake, but on further investigation we realized that the problem wasn’t with the pump at all, but with the lake water intake system. Good news for the customer, because that’s a $950 jet-pump he has and it’s only about 10 years old.

One step we took to mediate the problem was to install a gooseneck manifold on the underwater intake pipe to keep the intake off the lake bottom and reduce the amount of sand and debris. The other step was to clean out the water intake sump which had been left unattended for years and was filled with mud and overgrown with roots, causing the flow restriction that created the problem.

The original galvanized plumbing.

What we replaced. Iron scaling inside the old plumbing.

The new PEX plumbing upgrade.

We also took the time to update the plumbing in the pump-house, much of which was galvanized iron and was beginning to corrode and build-up iron scaling on the inside of the pipes. When the job was done our customer had their full water pressure and flow restored and were able to enjoy satisfying showers and a properly functioning irrigation again.

Whether you have a lake-drawn water system or are on a drilled well, it pays to keep up with some routine maintenance for worry-free water service.

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