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Business star-up and our first job!

Updated: Sep 5, 2019

It’s been a steep learning curve starting a groundwater contracting company from scratch. One of the biggest challenges is just getting the word out there. From creating a website and social media accounts, and learning how to boost our search result status on google, to posting flyers, handing out business cards and mounting sign boards around the valley to create some awareness of our new brand. In the past week we’ve started to receive some of our first calls and we are very excited!! Posting on Facebook and having friends and family share our page and posts have been crucial but so has plain old talking to people around town to let them know who we are and what we’re about. We’ve quoted a job for a lady who found us through a Facebook marketplace add, and another for a property manager who heard about us because we spoke to his wife at the library and she passed along our card.

Just last Saturday we completed our first water pump install on Vernon’s beautiful Kalamalka Lake, the lake of colours! We designed and installed a constant pressure, lake drawn water system to serve lawn irrigation allowing the homeowners to save big on their municipal water service bill. Those utility bills can get awfully expensive and if you have the option to do so a submersible pump system can pay for itself several times over before its service life is up. Not only that but now they’re watering plants with lake water instead of dumping chlorine and fluoride on the grass.

The job required us to run over 200’ of water service line through some pretty tight conduit and to drill a hole through a concrete barrier in order to feed the pipe and control wire but with a little elbow grease we got it all through from the end of the dock right up into the mechanical room where we cut off the municipal supply to their irrigation and fed it with the new pump system. Their new 10 gpm 1/2 HP Pentair pump now sits protected and secured to the dock piling in a 4” PVC stand with a screened intake and is controlled by Pentair’s Intellidrive VFD constant pressure system for maximum energy efficiency and steady water pressure on demand to all the sprinkler zones.

If YOU also live on a lake and would like to have a lake drawn system whether it is for your home or the garden please contact us! Duncan really enjoys swimming around on the job while installing your pump. Preferably in the summer heat, but hey that’s what dry suits are for so if you need us in November, we will be there to solve whatever lake pump challenge you face!

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