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New Water Pump Installers in Town!

Updated: Sep 5, 2019

A little introduction: we are Duncan and Emily and we have started a water pump business here in the North Okanagan offering pump installs, water system design, maintenance on existing systems, and flow tests - covering the North Okanagan, Thompson-Nicola and Kootenay region. Duncan has been working in the field for 4 years and is an ITA certified Well Pump Installer. He loves the problem solving component, working outdoors and providing people with their water needs. You can often find him outdoors; rock climbing, ski touring or just hiking around in the mountains and if that's not the case he is probably off reading (bookworm). Emily is Duncan's helping hand and Pinnacles office administrator with experience in irrigation systems and a love for anything that grows. She is also found outdoors foraging, tending her garden, or trying to keep up with Duncan whether on skiis or a climbing rope. We are members of the BC Ground Water Association, and we're here to help you meet your water supply demands!

Are you building a new home in a rural area? We have the tools to design and create the right water service system for you. Whether you need to control an artesian flowing wellhead or add underground water-storage to make the most out of your low-capacity well; standard storage tank systems or variable speed-constant pressure; fully submersible pump or an above-ground jet-pump, we can build it for you.

Is your existing pump system not working properly?

Have you experienced a loss in pressure? Inadequate flow rate? Old pump just not working anymore? We will troubleshoot your system for free and explain just what's going wrong and why.

New pumps, pressure tanks, variable speed-constant pressure upgrades, pressure booster pumps or an underground reservoir system to help you get the most out of your water well system.

Do you live on the lake? Save on your monthly water bill with a lake draw system to feed you irrigation?

Whatever the project, we have the answer to your water supply needs, call us today!

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